We take your health and have your safety in mind. Always.


As a Certified Covid-19 Compliance Officer, we are adhering to the strict guidelines and protocols at Cathryn Farnsworth Photography. We are working on a limited basis in order to keep our clients safe. Our new protocols include:

Pre Shoot Zoom session for wardrobe and hair/ make-up consultation. This helps us pre-organize the session and discuss any manager or agent requests as well. *Please note, if you feel like you need a stylist for the session, I have an amazing referral as well!

My make up artists got certified in Covid-19 specific safety protocols during the quarantine. They will be wearing N95 or KN95 masks, as well as face shields. 

I will take your temperature upon arrival as well as use a pulse oximeter for extra safety, and record my temperature as well.

The studio as well as the dressing room/ make up green room only has furniture that is easily sanitized and the room itself is sanitized throughly and blasted with UV light prior to your arrival. There will be a top of the line air filter cleaning the air throughout your make up time and during your session.

I use a long lens to capture you, naturally keeping physically distant. The studio itself is surrounded by greenery and fresh air- a nice suburban haven.


“Adaptability is the simple secret of survival.” This is an amazing opportunity to pivot and adapt. Despite us wearing masks, our warmth and genuine support of your career path will shine through.