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Women & Men

3 Looks


additional looks $100

ages 13-16

4 looks 


ages 6-12

4 looks


Make up artist (strongly recommended)






Male Teens & Kids




*$25 additional charge for long hair & extensions

$50 hmu extra look

*Teen female

17+ HMU $250

Please note:

No full body photos in a headshot session

fast & furious

unlimited session*

1 hour


make up


*this session is designed for people who are very comfortable in front of the camera and can change swiftly & want to add in additional looks.



4 Looks

under 12


4 looks



HMU $175


all session include an 

online gallery, cathryn's favorites, Main folder &

web and hi res downloads

 retouches $25; order over 10 and price is $15 per retouch.

Promotional Session/PR

1/2 Day    $1400

full day $2500

for use on social media, websites, self promotion.

album art/covers, Author photos, book covers will have additional licensing


Add: The Living headshot
$450 + HMU $50

Non-Refundable to secure your booking.

We kindly ask for 3 business days for reschedules. 

Your deposit will be transferred to new session date one time.

Your booking time should be treated like a job booking. 

If you reschedule under 3 business days, the makeup artist needs to be compensated for reserving their time for your session. 

AFinn Roberts8142v2.jpg

"I have never experienced a photoshoot like this before!"

I hear that all of the time.

I experienced the typical headshot session when I was an actor many years ago. It was expensive, tons of pressure, and not very fun. While I understand that headshots are not the most natural things in this world, I think it should be a great and fruitful experience.

Because I know headshots are your multi-dimensional calling cards, I treat the experience as such. It's paramount that the photo represents not only a physically accurate depiction of yourself, but the complexities of who you are. The different sides. THIS is what brings the photos to life- the unique life experience you bring into the room. A technically good picture is nice for sure, but I strive for, in every shoot, not only a technically good picture but one that shows the depth and breadth of who you are. I guarantee you have aspects of joy, peace, passion, humor and strength (among other things). 

What to expect

Prior to the session, i ask for goals and trajectory. I believe that you are hired first as a person, second as an actor, so it's important that i get to know you in order to capture you distinctly. 

final wardrobe choices are shared before shooting. We always want as much of a range as possible out of each session. I see it as a wardrobe fitting prior to the session so day of is left for creativity and no worries on what you are going to wear and how you are going to feel in it. if you need wardrobe assistance, i have great and very affordable stylists to recommend to you!

The session lasts approximately 2 hours (a little longer for women). Long enough to get to know you, and not too long to where you are exhausted. I work organically with each person. Sometimes it's delving into characters and creating stories for them, sometimes it's just plain communication and the shooting seems a by-product, other times it's ridiculously silly. All of the possibilities result in photos of you in your relaxed state. 


I have music- lots of music. I can play virtually anything, and you are welcome to bring a playlist I can plug in and play. 


The studio is very comfortable. If you bring family or a friend, there is a green room for them to relax in.


Lastly, these are some suggestions I have prior to shooting:


*Know your type(s). Be clear on what roles you want and love playing. I tend to approach sessions like you already have the job, versus trying to 'get' the job.

*Don't stress! I assure you, the moment you walk in the door you will feel relaxed and cared for!

*Get plenty of sleep prior to the shoot. At least a few days of solid sleep.  

*Eat well. Drink water.

*If you have previous headshots you can bring them to the shoot or email them to me and we discuss what has worked for you and what your goals are.

*if you need a wardrobe consultation, i have two people i refer that are wonderful! 

*The makeup/hair artist is an independent contractor. 

*if you choose your own hmu artists, please arrive hmu ready!




We do not offer reshoots. we request wardrobe is approved by reps prior to your session, 

you are the boss on the shoot- we are your team. We want you in as many casting doors as possible, and within your range of comfort. when you sign off on shoot day; you see images and know everything from backdrop to hair and makeup choices.

Note to parents: I have a Child Services Permit!


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